These Tips on Maintaining Physical Fitness and You Must Know the Benefits

Do you know what physical fitness is? Physical fitness in English is physical fitness can be interpreted as the physical ability of humans to carry out activities without having to feel too tired and tired. Sukarno also said that physical fitness is a condition when the body is able to carry out daily activities properly and effectively without feeling tired and means the body still stores energy reserves to do other work. This time I will share about how to Maintain our Physical Fitness every day. Here are the tips:

1  Every day is one way to keep your immune system in good condition.
Think positive things because in a healthy body there is a healthy and calm mind. Therefore think positively if you face a problem.

2    Every morning you should try to exercise regularly. It aims to maintain fitness and body health.

3  You must make sure that the food you consume has been washed clean of germs and has been cooked and thoroughly cooked.

4  Eat fibrous food every day so you can protect your body from bad bacteria. The food in question is nuts, carrots, and apples.

5  Meet the need for vitamin D because this vitamin is useful to stimulate immune cells and prevent bacteria and viruses from invading our bodies. Vitamin D can be obtained from eggs, sunlight, and fish.

6  Eat food with reasonable portions and not excessive. This can be feared if you are overweight will be susceptible to disease.

7  Meet the needs of fluids needed in the body by drinking water. Consuming as much as 8 glasses of water a day is the amount that must be met in order to suffice the fluid that is in our bodies.

And this is in addition to our 10 excellent benefits obtained from Physical fitness.

Improve blood circulation and the working system of the heart
Increase stamina and body rigidity so that the body becomes more energetic
Having the ability to recover organs from the body right after exercise
Having the right body response
Reducing the risk of obesity
Prevents heart disease
Reduces high blood pressure
Overcoming depression
Increase energy
Avoid osteoporosis (brittle bones)

Thus regarding this Physical Fitness, hopefully from this article, many people are even more enthusiastic to improve Physical Fitness. Because of Physical Fitness that can carry out daily activities properly and effectively. Good luck guys

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