What is Apology?

Each of us has at one time or another had done something that we wish we have not done then worry about the mistake we should take a quick action to the problem and then get on with life and writing and effective letter of apology is an important part of that process section we shall look at how a letter of apology is written when do we need to apologize and for what reasons when we feel bad about what we said a did we say I am sorry but when we write an apology letter we need to write it with allegiance and grace writing an apology letter takes a lot of hard thinking about yours and other feelings when you need to apologize to someone to make sure that you say and write the right word to satisfy that person’s emotions when writing the type of letter it is very important that your prove to another person that every word you say comes from your heart and is really mean to be accepted in other words you really write what you mean

Here are a few important suggestions to help you write a good letter of apology

  • Write the apology letter as soon as possible
  • Rather than focusing on the damage you have caused write about things you will do to improve the situation
  • Brief keep your apology letter short and to the point
  • Sincerity no one wants to read over dramatic language so choose your word carefully and express yourself clearly and simply
  • Tone your apology letter should be considerate and respectful remember you are trying to rebuild a damaged relationship

Why an apology letter is so important:

  • Write an apology letter shortly after doing something wrong can easily help save a relationship before a sound becomes scar at the damage becomes an irreparable
  • You can usually find forgiveness and understanding if you if you acknowledge what you did wrong and express sincere regret in your apology letter
  • You can have blue rebuilt you’re in your apology letter if your promise not to repeat the mistake
  • You can use your apology letter to assure the injured party that you truly use the friendship and do not want to lose it
  • You may find that if you apologize responsibility for what injured party some responsibility for the problem and apologized to you in return

Tips for writing a personal apology letter

  • Write a handwritten apology letter if it is informal and personal
  • Express your apology in the beginning of your letter I am so sorry or I want to apologize
  • Accept responsibility for what you did and do not blame the other person I accept full responsibility for what happened no this was completely my fault
  • Promise in your apology letter not to repeat the unpleasant action
  • Just that the two of you should meet so that you can apologize in person and begin to rebuild your relationship

We can apologize in the number of ways for example

  • I am sorry
  • I really I am sorry
  • I am very sorry
  • Terribly sorry
  • Awfully sorry


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