How To Earn Money By Investing In BTC

How To Earn Money By Investing In BTC

How To Earn A Decent Amount Of Money While Investing In BTC

This Is Ahmad In this Article we’ll Read About How we Can Earn by invasting in crypto like btc  the scene we will be looking at the way to start trading advanced money on Luna so this request was truly incorporated a virtuoso social affair on the wire and the individual said what arethe way to start trading on Lulu and immediately we should make a dive we bought to cause a dive so the essential thing you to need to do is that you need to visit linda.com on your PC or on your Android contraption or using the Android application so while you visit these districts you click on sign up so the sign up page looks like this you need to incorporate your email address you need to incorporate your mystery expression moreover, your mystery expression must be in any occasion 8 characters by then picture to your country you join so in the wake of going along with you have to confirm the email address you have to confirm your email address by tapping on the email that we sent to you from Luna and in the wake of doing that you sign in into Luna so the stamping page looks like this you implant your email address and you click on next is such a mystery word and login so in the wake of beginning the dashboard the interface structure interface of Luna is truly extraordinarily clear we have the menu at the left hand side of the page we have the menu on the left hand side likewise, we have the expenses at the at the upper course menu so the essential thing you need to do we basically open the new accounts is that you need to tap on settings and fill in your nuances so you think about a straightforward kyc system so what you basically need to why it is you need to give your overall visas your driver’s license or your Vitas card and after doing that you’ll be affirmed in full event anyway checked so we simply know we have three levels and this leg without different cutoff focuses so for level one you would have the choice to store down draw back 200,000 restriction of two hundred thousand now for level substantial you’ll have the choice to store and pull back cutoff of 500,000 I’m for level three which is the most raised level you have the choice to store and pull back a cutoff of ten million and this record is truly level three checked so under security we in like manner have what we call two-factor approval which is you partner your wireless with your lunar record so this is just an extra layer of security and it’s reasonable you do that that I can hinder your record from swindler sorry from occas and to shield you from losing your capital so I’m we are done with that on your account has been affirmed then the accompanying thing you need to do is to tap on the wallet tub alright we should come back to the Home tab and let me give you a couple couples of information on the top so on the on top we have the outlines the Bitcoin cost and on the Bitcoin cost you see the current status of Bitcoin exactly when I it’s truly going up or it’s dropping and dependent on what we’re seeing here we had included significant from rugby Tom in esteem the worth fell today and he similarly said decently on news you know in this sheets so the most critical thing is just the work with the wallet now exactly when you click on wallets the wallets you see three wallets so at the second no single support Bitcoin and eat grain so you have your Bitcoin wallet hich is so which we show your Bitcoin balance and your HMO we should now I will give you it’s your own equality by then aside from this we have the constrained outlet which you understand you can twofold seats into to buy Bitcoin material or you can everything considered draw over from your sensory system science so this on a very basic level all you know works if you don’t have any money or your you know the record and you have to buy Bitcoin on it you understand you click on stores and you pay real you click on stores and you picture your MasterCard or Visa card in addition, the money will be in our wallets now at the point when you have the money on our outlet you can use that money to buy Bitcoin or in serum by setting off to these wallets and free drop by stop by if I click on buy Bitcoin or eat you a comparative method goes whenever you have to so if you have bit kind I have to show or a theory that you need so you can just tap on sell a what’s more, a short time later believer it to never so again these are the different strategies for torture into your lunar record we have charge or Visa we have data groupings which it’ll ricochet off the mass of commitment mass is in all actuality freed from charge while the one for charge or credit card is truly’s sans everything decision no future with the objective that is that about that there’s a lot future that is adjust also as you in all likelihood know as an exchange so you can truly trade on that exchange so I’m going to show you how the exchange looks like for better seeing so I also click on the

Exchange Of BTC

the page you’re going to see this interface and on this interface, ou have the other book you know whether you have seen our previous chronicles I’m sure you understand what solicitation book is so a demand book is just a feature of the others or in the particular market so this the coastline going ose show up this corner our market and we have the sell orders in red and the bio does in green underneath so I Ralph what’s our course spread the spread is actually the differentiate between the vendor de and buy demand so if you have to sell this is the current worth that is selling this is the negligible shock you can use it to so and you have to buy this the most raised by a cost so you can truly use that and present your solicitation so incorporates place your demand you use the solicitation structure to present your solicitation

so on the solicitation structure you input the proportion of this console and you input the wholes in there I if I’m selling one Bitcoin this is the whole two-point four 9,000,000 by then you present your buy in this way demand Russian costs and Commission is unbelievably noteworthy not for exchanges like Lulu the charge dazzling I proportion of money as a commission we are making trade now little charge as I had one percent while stages like Beatrix and Venus charge similarly, as 0.25 percent all you know the tab you won’t be sent on each trade so you can’t remain to make any slip-ups the charge that they will charge you for an imprint action on the window is what they will charge you for trades on Beatrix or be nuts so you ought to be amazingly mindful and you know to play your trading game insightful very wise so I’m a lot of thanks for watching this video I confide in you have a point of convergence two or three things on the most capable technique to trade on you understand how to use it you know the stage and I foresee seeing you in our next talk where I

will disclose to you the most ideal approach to use Beatrix besides, peanuts thank you bye

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