Top 10 Best global beauty tips 2021

beauty is something unique and different. What is certain is that many people try to find solutions to various beauty problems and practice various tips to look beautiful.

It happens not only to communities in this country but even across the global with their traditional practices of beauty. Here is a beauty guide that can be shared.


  1. Thai women practice coconut milk baths to maintain skin softness and moisture. In addition, they also use coconut milk to get thick and healthy hair.

To get beautiful and radiant white skin, Thai women traditionally process rice into milk to treat the skin. Vitamin E in rice helps whiten the body and facial skin.


  1. Camellia flower oil is one of the oils often used for cooking in southern China.

For beauty practices, Camellia flower oil is known for its ability to overcome stretch marks and discoloration on the skin. Therefore, the oil is applied to the skin that has the problem


  1. Koreans believe drinking a lot of water helps make the skin glow. Thus, they will start the day by drinking a cup of water and sprinkling cold water on the face for a few minutes.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are the most important dishes in their diet. So, they consume foods that are low in sodium to maintain hydration in the body


  1. The Japanese are very popular with raw dishes namely sushi. Japanese women are very fond of the use of seaweed not for sushi dishes but to be smeared on the hair.

They boil seaweed and smear it on the hair before bathing to get beautiful hair and not fall out.


  1. Egyptian women use the nutrients of milk for white and smooth skin. Typically, in a week, three times an Egyptian woman would mix two cups of powdered milk with water in a bathtub and would soak for 30 minutes to an hour.

This tip was also the beauty secret of Queen Cleopatra in ancient times.


  1. Filipino women have a combination of Spanish, Russian, and Chinese style charm. To maintain beauty, two of their favorite foods are lemon and lime.

Lemon contains citrus acid which can eliminate dead skin cells making the skin brighter and free from blackheads and acne scars.

Filipino women usually squeeze lemon, and the water is applied to the skin of the face. They also make lemon paste involving a mixture of lemon, milk, almond oil and honey.


  1. Chilean women use grape extract for their facial beauty. The method is very simple, just mix the mashed red grapes with two tablespoons of wheat flour and apply on the face for 10 minutes before rinsing the face with water. Red grapes are high in antioxidants and make the skin more fresh and radiant.


  1. This country is full of colors and famous for the use of spices including turmeric which is not only a mandatory ingredient in cooking, but also used for the purpose of beauty of body and face.

Indians have long been aware of the benefits of turmeric when the practice of rubbing the skin with turmeric is able to improve the texture of the skin. Turmeric is found to have a substance able to fight skin inflammation and have an antiseptic effect on the skin.

It is a good source of vitamin C and magnesium, high fiber content, vitamin B6, iron, potassium and manganese but its sodium content is very low.


  1. Mustard seed oil is usually a community practice in Bangladesh to stimulate hair growth and overcome dry skin.

Mustard seed oil is an antibacterial extracted from mustard seeds. It is also used to treat hair loss and treat skin infections.


  1. Women in Italy love the use of olive oil to maintain healthy hair.

Olive oil mixed with fresh yogurt is used by them to nourish the hair to be more radiant

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