Common mistakes when cleaning the house

Cleaning is a common ritual such as cooking, washing clothes, or hygiene. While cleaning the house, we do everything automatically, without thinking about how right we are doing it. But when cleaning, we make a lot of mistakes that attract the attention of professional maids or experts of cleaning companies.

And today the editorial office has collected 15 secrets where perfect cleaning is not a dream, but a reality. Try at least once to clean the house properly and compare how clean and fresh your house is.

Proper cleaning

Windows cannot be washed in sunny weather. The fact is that in the sun, window cleaners will dry even before the end of cleaning, which causes a bad effect on the glass. Better to install my windows on a gloomy day or when the sunlight stops gliding on the glass.

It is best to spray the detergent not on the surface, but on a dry cloth, to clean it afterward. Moreover, the excess liquid should be removed with an additional cloth.

By wiping the surface from side to side, we are simply moving the dirt. Experts recommend wiping with a circular motion.

Don’t forget to disinfect your gadgets, electronics, and remote controls: not only dust accumulates here, but also germs.

If the foul odor comes from the washing machine, don’t ignore it. Probably, the mold forms on the surface of the equipment, so do not be lazy to arrange a thorough cleaning.

Don’t forget to keep your refrigerator clean, too: throw away spoiled and unclaimed food on a regular basis. Otherwise, mold and bacteria will form here, affecting fresh food.

After cutting meat or fish, knives and other kitchen utensils should not be put back in their original place but must be disinfected first. To do this, mix 4 liters of water with 1 tablespoon of bleach in a separate container, and then place the cutlery in the solution for a few minutes. Then just rinse the knife with hot water.

Don’t put your bed down as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, a humid and airless environment forms in the beds, which are good breeding grounds for parasites and dust mites. It is better to let the unstable sleep for half an hour and let it ventilate under cool air in winter or dry in hot air in summer.

Curtains need to be cleaned periodically because a lot of dust has accumulated. Also, no need to wash, just enough to hit it with a wet towel rolled into a tube. Dust can be easily knocked to the floor and then emptied.

It turns out that flushing in the toilet should be done properly. Therefore, before pressing the coveted button, you should close the toilet lid, otherwise, the smallest bacteria will spread throughout the bathroom within a radius of several meters, settling on the walls, towels, and toothbrushes.

Many people use toilet brushes improperly. The fact is that wet tools cannot be put back into the seat, otherwise, the microbes will begin to multiply intensively in a humid environment. It is better to put the comb first on the edge of the toilet – let it dry.

It is not safe for your health to clean without rubber gloves, which protect your hands from bacteria and chemicals. In addition, a breathing mask should also be used, which prevents harmful elements from entering the lungs.

Do not mix bleach with other cleaners. Adding alcohol, ammonia, or vinegar can cause dangerous chemical reactions. As a result, harmful gases can be released, which enter the lungs, damaging the skin and eyes.

Cleaning products must also be cleaned. The fact is that bacteria and parasites multiply on sponges, rags, and combs, which, during subsequent cleaning, get into different surfaces in the house.

After cleaning with chemicals, you should ventilate the room that has been thoroughly cleaned, otherwise, the respiratory system should absorb the chemical residue

These cleaning secrets will not only help keep your home clean but also keep your home healthy and well -being after the process. But adhering to these simple rules is not at all difficult.

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